What Do Teachers Think Of Essays That Are Twice As Long As The Word Limit?


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What Do Teachers Think Of Essays That Are Twice As Long As The Word Limit?

According to the data collected from a myriad of teachers and professors, very few students follow the required essay lengths. While some students fail to meet the word count, others overcompensate by writing an essay with double the number of words required. In both cases, students are met with a deduction of marks which effects their overall CGPA.

Students struggle with writing essays of the required length in spite of the strictness of the rules in writing. When being forced to write a particular length, one feels overwhelmed by the task. As a consequence, many students appoint Essay Writers UK to compose their academic essays for them skilfully. By this means, they can stay in their word limit while submitting an essay with exceptional content.

However, referring to an online source results in the lack of practice in writing one’s own essay.  Consequently, students fail to deliver content of a similar level in their examinations. Hence, in those conditions, their work misses the mark, and they end up giving too much weight to it and write lengthy essays. This action, however, has dire consequences such as:

The teacher loses interest: As the subject teachers assign a similar topic to all their classroom students, they tend to read similar essays over and over again. Hence, when a student’s essay presents itself to be over the word limit, the teacher disregards the rest of the As a consequence of this, the work doesn’t reach the eyes of the reader and thus, doesn’t gain the recognition it deserves. Especially in case, the student has saved the valuable content for the concluding section of their essay,

The essay loses its credibility: When a student composes a lengthy essay, the probability of redundant and run on sentences in the content is high. As a consequence, the document loses its aspect of formality, and in turn, the overall document loses its credibility. Following from this, the students are faced with the deduction of mark that affects their CGPA.

The reader gets irritated: When the teacher appoints the same topic to a classroom of students, they are met with the task of grading the same content in a paraphrased fashion. In view of this, the teachers face irritation when it comes to reading extra content that they didn’t sign up for. This frustration leads to a high probability of strictness in grading the essay, thus resulting in a low grade for a student.

With the foregoing in mind, imagine academic essays as your favourite food, where the number of words you write is your appetite.  In that case, the appetite must be equal to the amount of food present, as one consumes only as much as their appetite allows them to. Therefore, it is essential for students to develop the habit of writing only to the required word limit as this practice is not only beneficial for the teachers, but it also saves times for the students!