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Why Is English Difficult To Learn?

Most students dream of studying in the UK, and thus they tend to take all the necessary measures which are a prerequisite. Therefore, one of the most integral parts of shifting and relocating to a particular place requires a stronghold grasp over the language, and if its UK that you wish to settle into, then it is imperative for the student to be fluent in the English language. As in order to understand your lecture, write your essays properly and to communicate with your peers and professors, it is necessary to express your sentiments effectively, and hence a strong hold on the language is important. However, for individuals who have never spoken in English, it is quite a tough task to master the language as its inherent structure is so different from other languages such as e.g. Chinese or Hindi. Nevertheless, in order to achieve their aspirations, a student must battle the storm.

Thus, students should practise due diligence and should prepare in advance by getting in touch with an Essay Writing Service UK. As they probably have no idea of the load of academic stress which is likely to be barraged at them once they join their university.  This load is most probably going to deplete their energy, exhaust them of their time and can diminish their ability to think coherently. To add to this, if they don’t have a solid grasp over the language, then they are most likely to suffer from the task of constructing the narrative, as they probably won’t understand the specifications and the concept behind the essay. However, once they acquire the help of an essay help, students can be eased off their burdensome load, as they will be equipped with qualified and specialist writers who can meticulously align the context with the mentioned criterion and can imbue their know-how into the narrative.

Lack Of Vocabulary:

The range of words available in the English language to express a feeling is diverse, and therefore the ones learning to tend to grapple with the situation of understanding different words being fit into a context. As a consequence, students should see to it that they read; it doesn’t necessarily have to be their academic books. But, it can be a magazine, a newspaper or even an online blog. They should develop a habit of reading any literature which is preferred by them.


The grammar structure and foundation of the English language is difficult, and therefore most learners tend to battle with the challenge of understanding the grammar. However, this isn’t a very difficult task to master, as there are plenty of books available, which teach the basics of grammar.


It is a true fact that the language is complex, as every other word has a different pronunciation. There are some words, which have silent letters and there are some words which look a particular way but sound a different way. This, as a result, debilitates the ability of the student to comprehend how exactly to pronounce a word and therefore they tend to shy and avoid the situation altogether of speaking English.

It is a reality that English is one of the most used languages in the world, most academic and professional domains operate in this language, and thus there is a great demand for personnel who can speak English fluently. Hence, overlooking the minute impediments in their way, students should lead the charge of perfecting their English language skills.