10 Unique Facts About Higher Education In UK


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10 Unique Facts About Higher Education In UK

The education quality at the top-notch UK institutions is enriched in nature. Students from all over the world apply to these universities to treat themselves with the best education and skills. You should definitely consider such institution for your future prospects; therefore, carry out ample research meanwhile we cater to your Do My Essay request.

These institutions also have some unique and interesting facts associated with themselves, some of these are listed below:

The Ducks at the York University: Ducks are the lovable creatures that move around dabbing about stuff we don’t understand. If you are affectionate towards ducks then enroll yourself at the University of York.

The resident ducks are hundreds in number and are held dearly by the students and the teachers, so much so that a blog named “Duck Of The Day” is dedicated to them.

The Old Joe tower at the Birmingham University: Old Joe tower is reported to be the tallest free-standing tower to date and has various interesting connections:

The students believe that standing beneath the tower, whilst bells ringing can bring bad luck.
The design of Orthanc- the Black Tower of Isengard, from the Lord of the Rings was inspired by the old Joe Tower.
The university is home to some amazing pieces of sculpture by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi.

The Haunted University: The Durham University is reported to be the most haunted university; however, it ranks among the top 100 institutions of the world. The spooky residents are found everywhere around the university be it the staircase, garden or the university building.

The Oath at the library: The Oxford University is home to a precious collection of books and documents that are valuable beyond imagination. Therefore, the students are asked to vow verbally that they will not harm or infringe material that is present in the library.

The Help from the Chocolate Factory: The students at the Bristol University owe gratitude to the chocolatiers, Wills and Frys that established the university in the 19th century.

The Dissertation Dash: The “Dissertation Dash” is an event at the Sussex University, where the students of the third year race to hand in their dissertations before the deadline. This event is a great way to have fun along with an academic task.

Angus the Bull: The students at the University of Aberdeen cheer on the newly appointed rector (the student representative at the university court). These rectors have to ride the bull, go to the pub along with their supporters, and buy them a round of drinks.