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How To Put A Quote In Your Essay Like A Pro

A writer is merely trying to put their thoughts across, is trying to support their stance and is merely trying to create a space, where readers feel comfortable enough to immerse themselves into. No one prefers to sketch out a narrative that is dry, monotonous or outright flimsy in its very composition, as we all prefer coherency and structure in our plot points.

A quote is essentially a piece of information or an opinion that holds great value in the given context. It is usually considered wholly uncultivated or uncultured for students to include quotes into their writing, as certain writers feel the opinion or the viewpoint of the writer tends to get lost in the sea of information that starts surrounding it. However, to each their own, as if tactfully and diligently placed within the content, quotes can create an impactful effect.

For this reason, when you feel as if you’re unable to stitch words together in a coherent whole, as you’re whirling in a vortex of growing tribulations. Then, emerges the necessity for students to make use of the best essay writer UK, as these writers can lucidly transfer their thoughts onto paper and they are brimming with talent.

Follow through to understand how to integrate quotes into your essay, as these linguistic devices can play a contributing role in securing the reader’s attention.

Cite Short Quotes

Make it a point to include quotes that are small and compressed, as citing quotes that are too lengthy in their length will cause the writer to lose their grasp of the narrative, as the content will be overwhelmed by the weight of the quote. Moreover, see to it that you intertwine the quotes into the sentences, as merely placing a quote without giving it its due importance or explanation will cause it to look out of place and inappropriate.

Supporting Statements

It is always considered excellent for students to include a lead-in statement, as this statement provides context and a cue to the reader. Owing to this reason, before you introduce any given quote, the writer can include phrases such as ‘Critic Alex Paul states’, ‘According to Spinney’s research’ or ‘Based on several different types of research; researchers have found that…’. By carrying out this practice, they primarily provide a base and a foundation for the reader, as they understand the origin of the piece of information they’re reading.

Provide Commentary

There is essentially no point in including a quote if it doesn’t contribute to the research. A quote doesn’t play its role if it isn’t linked back to your central idea. Therefore, analyse it, forge a connection with your focal point, explain why it supports your topic, how it supports your argument on the whole, and what essentially does it mean.


In components of the essay where you feel a quote is more than likely to make an impact, make it a point to insert it, as the effect it has on you, it is expected to have on your reader. It is however recommended to include in your introductory paragraph.

Overall, when it comes to integrating quotes into your essay, then students must focus on avoiding the hallmarks of plagiarism, as referencing is of key importance.

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