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How To Start A Compare And Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay is as self-explanatory as it gets, as it primarily requires the writer to figure out what are the similarities and differences in any given context. An essay such as this brings mostly subjects into a sharper focus, as the reader can view the subject from a different focal point. The writer can figure out the various connections and network that stem from it and can gain a different understanding of it, as a compare and contrast essay is entirely a varied terrain of writing.

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Follow through to comprehend how to go about the process of pinning together a compare and contrast essay.

Shed The Spotlight

The reader is most probably unaware of the given similarities and disparities between two differing matters. Therefore, the onus falls on the shoulders of the writer to create plot points that carefully elucidate each difference and each similarity in a coherent manner. It is likewise recommended for students to categorise information, as, by compartmentalising different segments, they allow their reader the liberty and the advantage of comprehending information in their given context.

Brainstorm Ideas

The key idea is to bring something new to the table, as by elucidating similarities and discrepancies between something you’re showcasing a different vantage point to the readers. The writer is supposed to create a meaningful conversation, where the reader can comprehensively understand two separate plot points.

Draw Up An Outline

Nothing you do will make an impact if you fail to create an outline. Creating a structure and shape holds utmost importance, as the reader finds a sense of direction. By knowing how to steer the wheel of their writing, the writer understands how to mould comparisons, to create an impact. With an effect established, the reader starts investing in the plot points, as they look forward to learning more.

The H & 5 W’s

When sketching out a compare and contrast essay, remember to answer the 5 W’s & the H which is:

  • Who were the people involved
  • What precisely happened
  • Where the incident took place
  • When Did It Happen
  • Why did the circumstances unreel themselves in such a manner
  • How they happened

Weave The Introduction

One needs to follow the steps mentioned earlier before structuring the introduction as they are essential for building a stable layer for mentioning other pieces of information. Through the opening, the writer must display the entire background of the subject matter to the reader, as to even begin analysing anything with a zoomed-in lens, it is essential for the individual to have the required information.  

Overall, when it comes to journeying through the process of creating a compare and contrast essay, then students must conform to following the pre-set guidelines, as they are the key.